About Sleeping, Reading, and Looking
Sleeping, Reading, and Looking came out of work started at a residency at the Vermont Studio Center in October of 2017, finished later through 2018 and 19. They show a solitary figure reproduced within the same bedroom, combining isolation with intimacy. There is looking into someone else’s private world and, also, an individual engaging accidentally (and sometimes ridiculously, caringly, or callously) with himself through the sequence of overlapping moments of time. I was inspired by Roman relief sculpture and the traditions of academic drawing. Each figure was added individually, building the scene from one moment to the next.
Though I was the model, I had planned these drawings to be less about myself and more about an imagined character, someone contained in his own world. However, influenced by the focused and isolated environment of the residency, these drawings ultimately became about placing myself in the positions of being both observer and observed.